Wednesday, May 14, 2008

stirring up trouble until the very end

So, in just about every open-book exam I've taken in law school, I've taken along my iPod...mostly because no professor has ever explicitly said, "You can't use that."   So I happily bring along my iPod so that I can rock out to Appetite for Destruction during the exam.  (Seriously.)

So I go to take my Contracts II final, and I'm starting up the iPod while the proctor is reading the instructions.  All of a sudden, I hear, "iPods are not allowed."  So I look up and start packing up the iPod, and the proctor is giving me the death stare, as if I had just kicked a puppy or something.  She looks at me and tells me that iPods are not 'secure', and therefore they can't be used.  I, being a 3L who is hours from being done with that hole forever, reply that, since the exam is open-book anyway, it's not like the iPod is giving me information that I couldn't have typed up and brought in anyway.  Proctor just rolls her eyes and tells me that those are the rules, and too bad.

At that point, the professor comes up to the professor and tells her that it's okay if I use my iPod, since it involves headphones and all.   The proctor tells her that iPods are not secure, and therefore not allowed, and the professor says that she doesn't care if we use them.  (So, I completely take back that part about hating her for her passive-aggressive stance on nametags...) 

I start unwinding the earphones when some douchenozzle in the row behind me loudly declares that sometimes the music doesn't stay in the headphones, and it's too distracting to other people if I listen to my headphones.  At that point, I mouth the word "douchebag" to my friend across the room, who is chuckling at this whole exchange.  The professor simply tells Douchenozzle that she would deal with the noise problem if anyone played their music too loud.

After that, I put my headphones in, turned the music on, and started rocking out as I read through the problem.  

(And oddly enough, that was the first essay exam I had finished early in over a year.  And I'm fairly certain that I didn't fail, so...looks like I'll be graduating on Friday after all.)

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Monday, May 05, 2008

and the award for "best use of a pass/fail" goes to...

I just referenced both the Village People and strippers in an exam.

I'm fairly certain that this is an unparalleled level of awesomeness.......I suppose it's good to leave law school on a high note.