Monday, February 25, 2008

do you accept this declaration of shenanigans?

Two posts in one day - can you believe it?

So this morning, I opened up iTunes to purchase that song from "Once" that won the Best Original Song Oscar last night. I get to the soundtrack's page and discover that the song I'm looking for (and, incidentally, every song on the album) is only available if you purchase the entire album.

And then I realized that this is a rather bizarre trend on iTunes - I've gone in to buy songs before and then discovered that they're the only track on an album that isn't available for 99-cent individual download, but are only available if you buy the whole album.

I'm pretty much convinced that the rationale behind this is to force people to buy entire albums instead of just the one song that they really like. But does this happen everywhere you go to purchase digital music, or is iTunes just a communist plot to take over the world through forcing people to buy a ton of albums for $9.99 each just so that they can hear that one song they liked in the first place, only to discover that the rest of the album blows. Or does this only happen in certain genres of music - like, I could buy whatever crap Rihanna puts out for 99 cents a song, but if I want something a little more obscure, I may have to buy the whole album.

Whatever. I'll just go buy the CD at Target. Yeah, it's probably more expensive that way, but if I'm going to be buying the whole CD, then I at least want the original liner notes.

Therefore, I'm calling shenanigans on iTunes (or, if you prefer, I'm putting iTunes on notice). Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be over here hiding from Apple's henchmen.

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i learn something new every day

Now this is how I should have been approaching my last semester in law school...

Me (upon seeing a friend of mine leaving the building before First Amendment): What is this, three in a row?
Him: Hey, I went last Wednesday. Once a week is enough.
Me: Probably.
Him: I don't recall any attendance policy in that class.
Me: This is true. Plus, there's that whole "Pass/Fail" option thing.
Him: Exactly. And [Dangerous Mind] takes really good notes.
Me: Yeah......hey, wait!

I think a few skip days during which I do nothing but sit on my couch and play Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo Wii are in order.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

reading over shoulders is a valuable skill

My Contracts II class is about 85% 1Ls. It's even more torturous than it sounds.

Last week, our professor went on a rant about how most contracts are poorly drafted and that law schools do little to remedy that problem. So I look up from my game of Tetris 2 for a few minutes and see that the kid in front of me has written the following in his notes:

"Law school does not spend lot of time talking and teaching how to draft contracts, and therefore many lawyers are not good at drafting contracts."*

......At that point, I really just wanted to pat that kid on the head and tell him that it's all going to be okay one day...and that if that sentiment is on the exam, I'll be sure to look outside to see if four dudes are riding up Bascom Hill on horseback.

Instead, I went back to my game of Tetris 2. Because, record during that hour and twenty minute class is Level 32 - I have to beat that before the semester's over.

*Any errors in grammar are that kid's, not mine.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

primary day

How in the world does the city lose someone's voter registration information?

Okay, okay. So it wasn't "lost". The explanation that I received was that sometimes, the city just decides to reject voter registration information - even if you use that registration information to vote on a previous occasion.

Still. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

i've had it up to here with winter

Is it just me, or doesn't "clear your sidewalks" mean that there shouldn't be a three inch thick icy, slushy mess covering your sidewalks?

Unfortunately, around my neighborhood (and the University), it seems that "clear your sidewalks" just means to brush off the sidewalk in an eighteen-inch-wide path that a wheelchair could get down (if the person in the wheelchair didn't mind the bumpy ride provided by the layers of ice and packed snow that no one wants to bother clearing).

It's really annoying that, on top of having to keep digging my car out from underneath the 80 inches of snow that have fallen since December, I end up risking breaking a bone every time I leave my apartment because people refuse to clear their sidewalks already.

On the bright side, moving to Texas in three months means that I'll never have to put up with this nonsense ever again.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

chickens are made to be fried

Maybe I'm just a prude, but there's something mildly disconcerting about listening to my somewhat-elderly First Amendment professor discuss the obscenity-related cases. Especially when he comes out with stuff like this:

"It's normal sexual behavior if someone uses a's kinky if someone uses the whole chicken."

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

super letdown

I've decided that the best part of the Super Bowl was seeing T.J. Thyne in a commercial. Anything involving Hodgins from "Bones" makes me a happy camper...

As for the rest of the game? Since I'm fairly certain that this is neither (a) a nightmare, or (b) a parallel world that I can't escape without some sort of pocket Simon-looking device provided by The Doctor, I'll be actively trying to repress this memory.

At least Cubs season starts soon...

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