Wednesday, November 28, 2007

honesty is the best policy, even in class

A paraphrase of something that actually happened in class this morning:

Professor: [Dangerous Mind], do you want to play the defense attorney for this?
Me: No.
Professor: Well, too bad.

...a few minutes later...

Professor: So, [DM], do you really not want to be the defense attorney?
Me: No. I have no idea what's going on in here.
Professor: And why not?
Me: Because I haven't been in class for a week and a half.

It's not my fault that I couldn't get decent flights for Thanksgiving that allowed me to actually come to class last Wednesday and this past Monday. I swear. Besides, I'm less cranky when I'm in the warm weather and thawed out and basically not sitting in my crappy apartment in Madison.*

Meanwhile, I have a paper due in that class tomorrow (basically), I haven't read a thing, and I'm fairly certain that I missed some really important things while not being in class. So, that's going to be some serious fun tonight....and all I really want to do is lay down and watch last night's "Bones" again.**

*Let's talk about apartments for a second. My sister's apartment in Mesa, AZ has a bathroom that is larger than my KITCHEN. And she pays a couple hundred dollars less per month than I do. HOW IS THIS FAIR?!?!?!?! (Quick answer: it's not fair.)

**Let's be honest. I'm going to do that anyway. It's my second favorite show, and last night's episode was rather enjoyable. I'm not going to lie; if I was forced to kiss David Boreanaz for five steamboats, I'd consider that a good day.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i could really go for some turducken right now

I'm flying to Phoenix tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving break with my sister.

Of course, since I'm flying from Madison, that must mean that I'm flying through O'Hare.* And, as I'm sure CNN and every major network news will be telling us over the next few days, O'Hare is bound to have monstrous flight delays due to whatever wintry mix of crap is falling from the skies.

So, right now, I'm working on converting all of the shows I've TiVoed over the last few weeks to a format viewable on my iPod. I'm also bringing some light class reading and a shiny new Sudoku book. I figure that Murphy's Law of Airports should work in reverse here: if I show up at the airport with that much stuff to do in preparation for six hours' worth of delays (on top of my two hour layover in Chicago), I won't have any delays whatsoever and I'll arrive in Phoenix on schedule.

*I originally typed "O'Hate" there. I think that's an appropriate description of that airport. Or, at least, my relationship with the place.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

fun with homophones

So when I got back to the law school from my daily trip to Starbucks, I heard some sort of metallic sound coming from the heel of my right boot.
I look down at my shoe, and the sole on my little skinny boot heel fell off onto the floor.
I'm pretty much convinced that this is symbolic of what the law school has done to my soul over two and a half years.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

things i did to stay awake

What I did in class today:
-- Shopped for sweaters on
-- Read up on the latest (non-)dealings in the Writers' Guild of America strike.
-- Worked on the motion I have due in class tomorrow.
-- Looked for classes to take next semester. (Seriously, it's really hard to try and decide which crap is least...crappy.)
-- Created a new mix CD in iTunes.
-- IMed/e-mailed friends.
Up next: looking for players for my fantasy football teams to make up for the fact that the Patriots have a bye this week. It's going to be tough, though, to make up for the 25 points per week I get out of Tom Brady.

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