Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what if barbie had a hand grenade?

Some days, I wonder why I even bother going to Contracts II.

One of the 1L sheep just asked a question about a case that began, "What if America had a caste system?" Then, he wanted to know how the contract in question would function under such a system.

This is the sort of question that gets asked after class, during office hours, or e-mailed. Asking how this contract would function in feudal England is really kind of....irrelevant. Pointless. And it angers the one 3L in the corner who is only taking this class because (a) she needed 14 credits to graduate, and (b) needs to learn Contracts for a bar exam, and can only rely on learning so much from BarBri. I mean, who cares how this contract would work under a caste system??? I want to know why this contract didn't work in this particular situation...can we talk about that?

Of course, my main problem would probably be expecting to learn anything useful in a law school class.

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passive-agressive professors, and the students that love them

At the beginning of the semester, my Contracts II professor (I know, I know...) told the class that there would be no seating chart, and she wanted the students to make nametags for their seats. As in, the students were responsible for finding their own piece of paper and their own marker to make a sign legible enough for her to read from twenty feet away.

I have refused for eight weeks now to make a sign, mostly because if nametag-making is going to be "required" for a class, then it should be the responsibility of the requiror (the professor) to provide paper on the University's dime. I mean, we're all starving students, and the only thing that I can tell my $30K/year tuition has gone for is making a giant pile of gold coinage in the basement of the library for the Dean to swim around in, Scrooge McDuck-style. I think a few sheets of paper can be spared.

Lately, my professor has been making snarky comments at the beginning of class about the lack of nametags. Crap like, "I see this side of the room is going incognito today..."

Today, it was "I see you all think that I spent all of Spring Break memorizing your pictures."

And, predictably, the flock of 1L sheep in the class chuckle at this. Meanwhile, I sit back and refuse to create my own nametag until nametag-making supplies are provided for me. I mean, if it's enough of a problem for the professor to keep making comments about it class after class after class, that she'd just bite the bullet and bring in 50 sheets of paper and a Sharpie from the Copy Shop downstairs.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

that'll do, weather

Apparently, Madison is in the middle of a massive snowstorm right now that will leave roughly a foot of freshly-fallen snow on the city by tomorrow.

Yes, it is March 21. I know; I double-checked.

Fortunately, I'm in Mesa, it's 77 degrees out at 10am, and I won't have to deal with snow when I go to the Brewers spring training game this afternoon. Right now, my "get out of Madison" spring break plans make me feel like a genius.

But if the snow/ice isn't off my car by the time I get home, and I have to dig my car out from underneath a sheet of icy residue yet again, I am going to be one very, very unhappy panda. (Some might even go so far as to call me a "sad panda".) And I will be an unhappy panda right up until the part where I move to Austin two months from, well, today, and never have to deal with snow again.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

spring break approacheth

I have a paper due at the end of March (i.e., the Friday after I return from spring break).

Said paper is for my Islamic Law class.

If I take my giant Islamic Law binder with me to Arizona (most likely in the checked luggage), what are the odds that I get questioned by the TSA after they search my luggage?

(Of course, I could just avoid all of this altogether by not taking the homework with me in the first place...)


Thursday, March 06, 2008

the greatest compliment ever

My sister just called me - from Arizona - because she locked herself out of the Athletic Training office at the high school where she works.

Her reason?

"The first person I think of when I need to know how to break into things...is you."

......this is why it's a good thing that relatives can't act as character references for the character and fitness portion of the bar application.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

have you accepted brett favre as your personal lord and savior?

I'm almost surprised that the Wisconsin state flag was not flying at half-staff today to mourn the end of the career of Football Jesus. I have even heard reports of several Favre jerseys being sighted around the law school today, although I only managed to see one.

It's still amazing to me, coming from a state where there isn't a local team (and the "favorite team" ranges from the Falcons to the Redskins to the Ravens to the Cowboys), to some place like Wisconsin, where the whole state seems unified in their love and devotion to the Green Bay Packers.

In all seriousness, Favre was a great player, and it's nice to see him go out after such a good season with the Packers.

(Aside from that last pass, of course.)


Monday, March 03, 2008

flavor of disease

So I was watching Flavor of Love 3 earlier today...

A couple of the girls went to Flav because they were concerned about this spot on this one cast member's (Hotlanta, I believe) mouth. So Hotlanta goes to Flav to explain that she does not have herpes. Flav, because he's so grossed out by the idea of any of his hos having the herps, decides to call in his doctor friend to do a test on the spot.

After the testing is performed, the doctor sends the results directly to Flav, who reads them aloud at that night's clock (elimination) ceremony. Poor Hotlanta only had a pimple, everyone got freaked out over nothing, and she got her clock and was allowed to stay in the house another week because she didn't have the herps.*

Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was, "I'm pretty sure that giving the results directly to Flav violates HIPAA in some way."

That should not be the first thought I have to anything that goes on on FoL3. I should be wondering why Flav is so grossed out by the herps when it's probable that there's airborne gonorrhea in that house. Or I should be wondering how Flav himself doesn't happen to have a case of herpes. No, instead I'm sitting here wondering if these skanks signed some sort of release form allowing Flav to have access to all of their medical records (or allowing any test results to be read on-air), or signed some sort of affidavit saying that they don't have any STDs.

It's times like these I really hate what law school has done to my brain. At this point, the only show that doesn't make me think of something school related is Maury Povich - even though those paternity test and fat baby episodes come awfully close to the family law line. But I can't help watching Maury, because those episodes where he plays chick-or-dude are the best.

*I was actually rooting for Hotlanta to tell Flav that no, she did not know what time it was, and would not accept her clock, simply because he didn't trust her when she said she didn't have herpes. Then again, doing that would mean that her fifteen minutes of "fame" were over.