Friday, May 11, 2007

sometimes you close your eyes and see the place where you used to live

Today, I finished the last final of my 2L year. (And honestly, that's about all I can say about that final. Seriously - sitting there talking about policy and "what I would do if I were a shareholder" makes me feel like my exam suddenly turned into an appointment with my shrink where we talk about feelings for an hour. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration...but I don't like the "that's it???" feeling I got from my Business Organizations II final today. And this is a really long parenthetical.)

So to celebrate the end of finals, I hopped in Flying Elvis and drove down to Chicago to go see The Killers in concert. Which means that I can now say "I saw Brandon Flowers faceplant on stage during a song." Aside from the slight prop malfunction, and aside from the fact the instruments (a) completely overpowered the vocals, and (b) were giving a lot of feedback during the latter portion of the show, it was a pretty good time.

This week has been a week of endings. First, on Tuesday night, I cried as I watched Rory graduate from Yale on "Gilmore Girls". Because, you know, it's been a rocky four years - from the class she got a "D" in, to the part where she dropped out and joined the DAR for a semester...makes my own sad little law school existence seem quite a bit less dramatic in comparison. But the bigger ending this week will occur about...34 hours from now, when my sister graduates from Lynchburg College in Virginia.

Which is where I'm headed tomorrow morning. Graduation will be followed by a drive from Lynchburg to Austin with my family, resulting in me spending more time in Tennessee than I ever wanted to, or will ever want to at any point in the future. (Tennessee is right up there with Alabama and Mississippi on my list of states that maybe, you know, the Union should've just let secede without a fight.)

But at least I now know that there's a store in Austin that sells cheese curds - something to look forward to while I'm on vacation.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

the obligatory exam-related rant

So today, for the third time in my law school career, I failed to finish an exam. The worst part was that it was in a class where I felt really comfortable with the material, I'd been reviewing constantly throughout the semester, and I was very confident about my ability to handle the exam.

Boy, was I wrong.

I don't know if it was about an hour into the exam (when my coffee started making me nauseous, forcing me to complete the last three hours with the exam having some sort of lactose intolerance issues) when I realized I was royally screwed.... or if it was looking at the exam in retrospect when I (a) failed to complete 2/3 of a question, and (b) discovered that I broke out into stress-related hives all over my neck that I realized just how bad it was.

But it was not good. Very, very not good. So not good that it was, in fact, bad. So bad that I wish that I had pass/failed Evidence instead of Trusts & Estates...because I don't think my GPA can handle the grade that I just got on that exam.

(If I had the capabilities, this would be the part where I post video of myself waving my legal career goodbye...or video of myself watching my legal career as it circles (and eventually goes down) my bathtub drain.)


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

funeral for a friend

Laptop (May 2005 - April 2007)

Departed this life on April 28, 2007, Laptop O'Computer of Madison, WI (formerly of Richmond, VA). Born in Austin, TX, Laptop O'Computer was graciously brought to Dangerous Mind's Virginia home by Dangerous Dad. Before making her big trip to the Midwest, Laptop hacked into the Law Firm Network to give Dangerous Mind (and her awesome officemate) access to Cubs games via* Laptop also provided remote access to the Law Firm Network to allow Dangerous Mind to look like she was at work when she was really at home taking a shower (read: too hung over to come into the office), and enabled Dangerous Mind to do work for Law Firm while on vacation in Texas. O'Computer also provided hours of mindless entertainment, be it playing Call of Duty 2 during exam time, replaying episodes of "The Office" in the Law Library, or granting hours of distractions via the internet during class time. Laptop worked tirelessly through two semesters' worth of laptop-based exams; however, the thought of having to do this a third semester (not including two more after this) made poor Laptop's little Pentium 4 processor give out.

Ms. O'Computer was preceded in death by her first two motherboards. She is survived by slavedriver/owner Dangerous Mind.

A memorial service honoring Laptop's life will take place in Austin, TX on May 14, 2007. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Dangerous Mind Lives in Frakkin' Eagle River for the Summer Fund.

*Once I told my boss that I couldn't come down to do a conference call until the Cubs game ended. And that's what my boss told the lawyer from a Slightly Larger Firm in Florida with whom we were having the conference call. Lawyer from SLFiF had a good laugh over that one.